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Youth Ensembles and Programs

Blueprint’s youth wing is devoted to developing and inspiring young musicians and performers towards high levels of excellence in choral music and theatre. The organization is designed to provide young performers of all degrees of ability and experience levels the opportunity to learn, grow, and excel through experiences that emphasize the development of musical skills and understanding.

Blueprint is dedicated to offering a challenging, rewarding, and fun musical experience for all young performers.

Under the belief that the arts can help youth in a wide variety of areas, our youth ensembles also look to:

  1. foster personal and social growth
  2. build communication skills, dedication, and responsibility
  3. cultivate respect and discipline
  4. strengthen self-esteem and confidence
  5. promote a sense of accomplishment and pride
  6. provide diverse and accessible musical opportunities
  7. nurture overall creativity

The organization strives to assist developing musicians in their growth as singers and performers — and people — through training and showcase, and Blueprint’s youth wing is organized to allow progression at one’s own rate.

In addition, there are many opportunities for youth participants to work with other Blueprint organization musicians and ensembles, giving young performers a chance to experience singing with professional-level adult ensembles.

These aspects are only part of the way the organization shows its commitment to true artistic excellence for its youth!  In addition, following the Blueprint organization’s philosophy, facets like artistic context, emotion, and technique are emphasized in each group, as well as the ability to be versatile in type and style.

Like the other wings of Blueprint, youth ensembles look to provide its participants with experiences in various style and genres, with the goal of creating well-rounded musicians, performers, and people.

Independent Youth Choirs

Our independent choirs draw youth from all around the Portland metro area.  The ensembles examine numerous genres and styles of repertoire, and develop both performance skill and musical knowledge, meaning that they not only focus on learning and excelling at repertoire, but strive to incorporate and teach music skills and methodology, as well!

The independent ensembles operate under the philosophy that commitment and dedication leads to excellence, and Blueprint’s programs continually evolve to challenge singers as they grow and develop musically and artistically.

School Programs

We bring our music and theatre classes directly to the schools so that students can take part in Blueprint’s programs without going to a different location. By being directly accessible on-site, we can deliver our exceptional instruction to more students, and have a greater impact for and throughout the Portland community.

Blueprint strives to assist young artists in their own creative growth by heading up our programs with high-quality educators who both foster individual development and motivate group achievement. Our commitment to educational and artistic excellence motivates our students to be the best they can be!

Our classes provide students of all types and degrees of ability and experience levels the opportunity to learn, develop, and excel in a safe learning environment that promotes inclusivity and empowerment.

Summer Programs

Each summer, Blueprint offers different types of camps and programs, based on the year.  This can be traditional choral, musical theatre, pop/rock, and more!