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How to Join a Blueprint Adult Ensemble

Blueprint’s ensembles are always on the lookout for performers of all types — whether they be singers, instrumentalists, or theatrical — and all experience levels for its ensembles.

The organization is multifaceted; to serve as many performing artists as possible — from those just starting out to those with a great deal of proficiency and training — the organization has many different ensembles, each fitting different genre types/blends, levels, backgrounds, experience levels, etcetera.

For all ensembles, Blueprint has a wide range of musicians in its various ensembles, ranging from the highest performance backgrounds to those just starting out, which speaks towards the organization’s goals to provide access to any and all who want to rehearse/perform!  For choral and theatrical ensembles, Blueprint accommodates singers of all types and backgrounds, and has different vocal groups that can suit singers of all levels.

Because the organization emphasizes ensemble work, a soloistic sound is not required. However, dedication and loyalty are highly valued qualities. Also, valuing the ensemble concept over solo aspirations is necessary to be successful in the organization.

General Rehearsal Information

Currently, Blueprint ensembles rehearse in the inner Northeast Portland area.

Each Blueprint ensemble rehearses once a week; as there are numerous ensembles, the time and day of rehearsals depends on the ensemble one participates in.
* Every ensemble performs, of course! Each vocal or theatrical ensemble sings in at least five shows a year, and each instrumental ensemble plays in at least four shows a year!

Part of Blueprint’s philosophy of singing different genres includes incorporating song requests from our membership.
*Singer/instrumentalist suggestions are always welcome, and taken very seriously!

Getting Started

A primary goal of the Blueprint is to provide singers with the best experience possible, and we look to create a comfortable environment for each musician.
Which ensemble a person participates in will depend on numerous factors, including background, voice part or instrument, and roster space.

With groups of varying experience levels, we offer both audition and non-audition options. Choose what best fits you!

Don’t like the pressure of auditioning?  No worries! No audition is necessary!

Want to audition?  Fantastic! Let’s get one set up!

Remember, though: Blueprint ensembles are not classes or anything in that realm; they are individually-rehearsed ensembles that members commit to and work with, each towards a common performance goal. When one decides to join, we are looking for that commitment!

In addition, anyone — regardless of how he or she joined — can ask for an assessment!