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Please consider becoming a Contributing Partner with Blueprint. As a primary goal of the organization is to provide all people with opportunities to experience choral music, all of our concerts are free to the public. Because of this, our primary source of revenue we receive is from voluntary contributions.
All donations go directly towards the organization’s operations, helping to cover the costs of things like music purchases, program production, attire, marketing, rental of venues, collaborations, guest artists, equipment, and more.  Thank you sincerely for considering a tax-deductible gift to Blueprint today!

Donation Options

If you decide to make a contribution, you can either do so securely over the internet
using a credit card or on mobile using Venmo (for either, see below), or through the mail.

Gifts of stock are also welcome; our Stock Donation Form can be downloaded here.

In addition, we can send you a Donation Form for tax purposes (or you can also download it independently here).

Donate With a Credit Card

Click the yellow Donate button to donate now with a credit card (through PayPal)!
(No Paypal account is required)

Donate With Venmo

Donate Through Mail

To make a donation by mail, please send your check (made to Blueprint) to:

P.O. Box 219233
Portland, OR 97225

Other Ways Your Donation Helps

All who make a donation — as individuals, friends, couples, families, businesses, or any other category — receive recognition in our programs as a Contributing Partner.

There are many ways you can show your support. Aside from funds, the organization is always looking for donations of things like:

  1. volunteer help
  2. food/drink items
  3. decor
  4. items to auction
  5. venue(s) for use

If you’re interested in donating one or more of these things — or anything else — send an email us by filling out the electronic contact form here, and simply specify what you’d like to donate!

Also, you can choose to contribute funds to a specific area.

For example, one can make donation that will sponsor a Singer for a calendar year, which includes an embroidered tag with the Contributor’s name inside a selected Singer’s choral attire

Or one could contribute funds for specific equipment, which includes a plaque with the Contributor’s name on the item(s).

In addition, you can dedicate a donation to someone, whether it be for a gift made as a congratulations, in memory of, or any other reason.

One can also team up with a gift-matching corporate sponsor.

Each generous contribution strengthens the organization and allows us to provide five multiple-performance seasons of amazing, inspired music every year!