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Blueprint’s Adult Choral Ensembles

Blueprint is a Portland-based choral (and performing arts) organization which focuses on intentionally-small ensembles!
The experience is highlighted by the combination the tighter-knit feel of a smaller group and the power and strength of a larger choir.

Coming from an assortment of different musical backgrounds, Blueprint singers share a common bond in their love of and devotion to singing.

Who Sings with Blueprint?

Or want to sing in a non-auditioned ensemble? We have those too!
Want to sing in an auditioned ensemble? We have those!

With our many ensembles, Blueprint is able to accommodate singers of all experience levels and backgrounds,
and has many different vocal groups that can suit singers of all types.

A Blueprint singer should have the following traits:

• dedication and commitment
• effective when it comes to communication
• valuing the ensemble concept over solo aspirations

(and sometimes standing in front of waterfalls)

Blueprint ensembles are not classes or anything in that realm. They are individually-rehearsed ensembles
that members commit to and work with, each towards a common performance goal!

General Rehearsal Information

Location: Blueprint ensembles rehearse out of the inner Northeast Portland area (within walking distance of Lloyd Center).

Day/Time: Each Blueprint ensemble rehearses once a week; the time and day of rehearsals depends on the ensemble one participates in.
(Every ensemble performs, of course, and in at least five shows a year!)

Format: As with most ensembles, we are dues-based, as well (as low as you need, we are always happy to slide as much as necessary!).

Music: With many ensembles, each group does its own different genres/styles of music. Some place slightly more focus on one genre/type
(Also, Singers’ input are often included in repertoire selection.)

Choose What Best Fits You

A primary goal of the Blueprint is to provide singers with the best experience possible, and we look to create a comfortable environment for each musician.

Which ensemble a Singer joins depends on numerous factors,
including genre, scheduling, background, and roster space.

Hate the pressure of auditioning? No worries! You don’t have to do one!
Love auditioning? Fantastic! Let’s get one set up!

To learn more about Blueprint, click here to go to the homepage!

Looking for a Youth Ensemble?

This page has options for joining Blueprint’s adult ensembles.
To check out our youth programs, click here!